Men’s Traditional Dance

This is the oldest form of dance in the Indian culture. The regalia is often thought to represent the animals that the Creator put on the earth. The movements tell of warrior actions-hunting, stalking the game, battling an enemy. The regalia is a very per sonal expression of creativity and artistry. While there is no prescribed look, several elements might reflect items worn by early warriors: a breast plate made of animal bones or shell for protection against arrows; a neck choker for protection against knives; ankle bells or jingling hooves; or a shield made of hide and decorated with important tribal symbols. Often a traditional dancer will wear a single bustle containing eagle feathers, which are considered sacred to the Indian people. The eagle flies the highest and carries the prayers of the people to the Creator. Eagle feathers are traditionally awarded for feats of bravery or accomplishment.


  1. every country have their own traditional dances, and balinese dance is my favourite..
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