Pow wow Protocols

Pow-wow Protocol

Our Pow-wows on the east coast are not the same as those which exist in many parts of North America. This is not a competition. That is why they are known as mawiomi’s, or gatherings. They are very family-oriented, so come and enjoy, but please be familiar with the following basic rules:

•Under no circumstances are drugs and/or alcohol allowed on or near the pow-wow grounds.

•The actual dance area is known as the arbour. Please keep your children out of the arbour, unless you are there with them and dancing.

•Stay out of the tipis, unless you first have permission of the owner. For those which belong to the pow-wow committee, first ask permission.

•Never take a dancer’s picture without first asking their permission.

•Never touch anyone’s regalia without asking permission. These are not costumes and have spiritual significance to most dancers.

•Before taking any type of picture or video, ask the announcer if it is OK. Some dances are not allowed to be photographed, just as some songs are not meant to be taped.

•Dress appropriately. This is not the time or place to show off your shortest skirt or shorts, or skimpiest halter top. The grounds are usually grass, so wear appropriate shoes. Wear comfortable walking shoes or sneakers.

•Don’t forget the sunscreen and hats, especially for your kids. A jacket is always good, in case evenings are chilly. In other words, know what the weather forecast is expected to be.

•Finally, do not come with any preconceived ideas as to what “Indians” are supposed look like. We come in all shapes and sizes, all different shades, eye and hair colours. It has been 500 years, after all.


  1. one other thing to mention here is there are no stray dogs allowed on the grounds. Dogs are welcome but keep them on a lease and with you at all times.

  2. The vendors who come to support the powwow usually come from a good distance so, please make an effort to visit each vendor and encourage them, not just buying their goods but by talking to them, and asking questions. We love it when people ask us questions. A powwow wouldn’t be the same without the vendors ..

    • thank you beverly….we so agree….as vendors, i think of ourselves as merchants of goods AND information (and our infor is free lol) kinda like the goodwill amabassadors of pow wow lol

      and yes it is great for people to come by and chat, but as you say, vendors often travel long distances and are often the only participants who pay to participate at pow wow by our fees and donations,,,,,so i aint gonna lie….we appreciate the sales too lol
      and thank you Milbrook for the fair fees…some places charge over a hundred bux a day or more…which is alot for smaller family operations such as ourselves, when cost of travel, stock etc is considered….In spite of that, we love the hospitality shown us at Milbrook pow wow so we keep coming back lol

    • Hi,we sell magnetic jewelry for health purposes.We custom make it,from stones that come from the earth.We are interested in being a vendor.Could you please tell me who I would contact.Thank you for any help you can give us. Brian Beaton

      • hi there, reanne sylliboy is the person you contact for vending, the cost is $20 per day plus a giveaway item for the giveaway ceremony at the end of the powwow, we do not provide booths, tables or chairs,

  3. Hi:
    My son and I are founding members of the QALIPU MI’KMAQ FIRST NATION in (western) Nfld., currently residing in Toronto. My wife, son and I are also photographers and are interested in attending your Powwow in 2014.
    If you hold it the same time each year, then based on the 2013 event, I would estimate it to be on Aug 8,9,10 for 2014 – is this correct?

    We would like to begin planning our trip as early as possible.
    For your information, some of our images are on the flickr site mentioned below. We do not have a web site yet – hopefully soon.

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