Thank you to my 2012 Volunteers

I want to thank all those who supported us in our 2012 gathering and also let those who have any concerns, comments , questions or suggestions to please let me know so that i may tend to them for next year.

I would like to send out a BIG thank you to the sponsors of the pow wow Millbrook Chief and Council and the Canadian Heritage Foundation and building better communities through arts and culture.

Millbrook Pow Wow would like to thanks all the people that arrived to the pow wow this year! I am so happy it turned out as great as it did.

I have a whole list of volunteers to thank and if i miss you please let me know…or if you know i missed someone please let me… know…so here goes: Chief Bobby Gloade, Kaiden and Christian Gloade, Charlie Gloade,Kelvin Gloade, Pat Gloade,Robert Ellis, Wowkwis Sylliboy,Jeremy Paul, Butchie McDonald,Bernie Bernard,Bev Julian,Serena Missions,Tracy Sylliboy Sage Sylliboy Celeste Sylliboy, Kendelle Bloise, Natasha Bernard, Nigel Gloade,Daniel francis Andy Johnson, adrian Gloade Dylan Gloade, Millbrook fisheries, millbrook aquaculture center.  Tom Abram, Adria Gloade, Donna Gloade, Sally Cope, Ns Native Council , Baird’s Septic, Antigonish Rent-all, and The Coady Institute.


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